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Our Program - A Day at Keshet

The School day begins at 9:15 am. Children are greeted by a teacher and encouraged to join the other children in morning activities in their classroom. They then have the freedom to explore the various learning activities and interest centers that have been prepared before their arrival. These centers change from week to week, day to day and sometimes from hour to hour. They include paint, clay, collage, musical instruments, wood construction, blocks, books, puzzles, dress up and special things for special days.

Although children are encouraged to explore activities and social interactions independently, teachers lend support when needed. She may help a child who momentarily loses control of materials, equipment or even emotions. She may answer a question, offer a challenging statement or make suggestions according to the particular child’s current level of achievement, interest, ability and need.

A typical day always includes playground time, story time, group activities, art, snack and enrichment activities. Children participate in Gymboree and music classes during school. After school enrichment classes are also offered.

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